Tracking Methodologies

Tracking Methodologies and Technologies

A cutting-edge armory management and weapon tracking system is designed to accommodate a diverse array of tracking technologies, allowing for a flexible integration based on the specific requirements of the implementing organization. The following outlines the key tracking methodologies and…

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RFID Weapons Tracking

RFID Weapons tracking system

The primary differences between barcode and RFID technologies, are that all tags in proximity to a RFID antenna or mobile scanner can be detected all-at-once from distances of 25’+, and RFID-tagged items can be passively identified and tracked at Issue-Return…

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Smart Storage Systems

Understanding smart, secure weapons storage

Challenge Some armory operations are designed for officers to authenticate and retrieve weapons, gear and magazines autonomously, or, a technology-driven system is needed by armorers.  Typical weapon storage systems do not adequately secure weapons against theft. Solution WeaponTrackerIoT provides smart,…

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