Armory management

Understanding armory management and weapon tracking


Most armories and weapon, gear, and ammo warehouses utilize paper-based forms, tags, and spreadsheets to manage operations, which are inefficient and error-prone with limited audit trail visibility.

Solution for armory management

Armory and warehouse management software designed specifically for the management of weapons, gear, and ammo, integrated with advanced tracking and security technologies for digital weapon management.

Armory Management Software

Digital armory software automates manual processes and eliminates the need for paper forms, hanging tags, or spreadsheets.  All armory data is managed by a comprehensive weapon management software database that monitors and tracks weapons, gear, ammo, cartons, cases, boxes, parts, and personnel.  Weapon management software helps ensure best practices and adherence to standard operating procedures for optimized weapon management and weapon tracking.


Armory management and weapon tracking
Armory management and weapon tracking

Digital armory software integrates with a wide range of tracking and security technologies to speed processes, improve accuracy and enhance security.  The weapon tracking software supports tablets, mobile scanners, fingerprint scanners, electronic signature pads, alarms, video cameras, RFID tracking technology, and barcoding to automate and streamline the management of armory activities, and to provide complete chain-of-custody and weapons security.

Tags and Labels

Armory Management
Armory Management

To optimize armory operations and to utilize technology to improve processes, the weapons, gear, magazines, cases, cartons, boxes, and parts in an armory or warehouse can be uniquely identified with barcode or RFID labels.  Ammo boxes and other non-serialized item types can be managed by an item-type barcode and the use of tablets and scanners for incrementing and decrementing.  The use of tags and labels eliminates the need for the use of a keyboard/mouse.

TrackingSystemsIoT experience includes 30+ years delivering tracking systems and 17+ years delivering digital armory tracking and security solutions.  The WeaponTrackerIoT software platform is designed based on inputs and specifications provided by our global military and police customers, dating from 2007, and is rapidly configurable for each new customer’s exacting requirements.  WeaponTrackerIoT supports industry-leading tracking and security technologies and delivers turnkey solutions including software, tracking devices, security hardware, labels and tags, professional services, installation, and ongoing support.

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