GSM Location Tracking

Understanding real-time GSM-GPS Weapon Tracking


It is difficult for forces to know the officer-of-custody of a weapon once the weapon exits an armory, and there is no way to know where the weapon is located real-time or to trigger alerts if a weapon is stolen or shots are fired.


WeaponTrackerIoT supports BLE/GSM/GPS tags that provide real-time inventories of weapons-in-armory, automatic transfer-of-custody to officers and all-the-time, everywhere tracking of weapons once deployed, including the ability to trigger security alerts.


GSM-GPS Weapon Tracking

GSM-GPS weapon tags include a Bluetooth (BLE) chip that provides real-time inventory control of all weapons in an armory or warehouse.  Personnel are assigned a BLE ID card.  Once the weapon exits the armory or warehouse, it is paired to the officer and the location is updated to the officer in the database.  The weapon is then tracked real-time, everywhere via cellular towers, and enables location and security alerts to be transmitted to the command center.

GPS and GSM Tracking

GSM-GPS Weapon Tracking

The GSM-GPS tags are tracked everywhere, all-the-time, in cities, the countryside, jungles, country-wide and worldwide, wherever there is contact with GSM towers and/or satellites. The locations of weapons display real-time on GSM maps and GPS images at the command center on video screens, providing a comprehensive, visual understanding of the locations of all weapons and their movements, with bi-directional messaging between command center and officers.


Because both the weapon tags and the officer ID badges include Bluetooth, the GSM-GPS weapon tracking system automatically monitors a weapon’s proximity to the officer-of-custody.  If the weapon is separated from the officer, for example if stolen by a bad-actor, the command center is automatically notified.  The tag also includes a sensor that triggers alerts if shots are fired.  Separation from officer and shots-fired alerts display on command center screens real-time.

TrackingSystemsIoT experience includes 30+ years delivering tracking systems and 17+ years delivering digital armory tracking and security solutions.  The WeaponTrackerIoT software platform is designed based on inputs and specifications provided by our global military and police customers, dating from 2007, and is rapidly configurable for each new customer’s exacting requirements.  WeaponTrackerIoT supports industry leading tracking and security technologies and delivers turnkey solutions including software, tracking devices, security hardware, labels and tags, professional services, installation and ongoing support.

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