Smart Storage Systems

Understanding smart, secure weapons storage


Some armory operations are designed for officers to authenticate and retrieve weapons, gear and magazines autonomously, or, a technology-driven system is needed by armorers.  Typical weapon storage systems do not adequately secure weapons against theft.


WeaponTrackerIoT provides smart, secure storage solutions that utilize tablet PC’s, fingerprint-ID card-Pin # personnel authentication, automated RFID tracking of removals and returns, scales to ensure no missing rounds, and rugged storage racks and lockers to prevent theft.


Digital armory software automates manual processes and eliminates the need for paper forms, hanging tags, or spreadsheets.  All armory data is managed by a comprehensive armory management software database that monitors and tracks weapons, gear, ammo, cartons, cases, boxes, parts, and personnel.  Armory management software helps ensure best practices and adherence to standard operating procedures for optimized armory management and weapon tracking.


Weapon storage

Smart lockers are designed for sidearms and sidearm magazines within single locker units, and as separate locker units for storing magazines for each longarm in storage.  Authenticated officers can access the sidearms-in-lockers and longarms-in-clamps that they are authorized to carry, indicated by green color LED lights.  RFID sensors within lockers automatically track the sidearms that are removed and transfers weapon custody to the authenticated officer.


Smart longarm clamps for Weapons

Longarm clamping systems and sidearm lockers are manufactured of hardened steel and heavy-duty locking mechanisms, making it difficult or impossible for ‘bad actors’ to breach an armory and steal weapons.  Longarms fit securely within butt holders and barrel clamps, only allowing access to authorized personnel.  RFID in butt holders automatically track weapon removals and returns.  Scales in butt holder ensures that magazine has been removed from longarm.

TrackingSystemsIoT experience includes 30+ years delivering tracking systems and 17+ years delivering digital armory tracking and security solutions.  The WeaponTrackerIoT software platform is designed based on inputs and specifications provided by our global military and police customers, dating from 2007, and is rapidly configurable for each new customer’s exacting requirements.  WeaponTrackerIoT supports industry-leading tracking and security technologies and delivers turnkey solutions including software, tracking devices, security hardware, labels and tags, professional services, installation, and ongoing support.

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